chans battery rebuild
chans battery rebuild
chans battery rebuild
Which Do You Prefer?

chans battery rebuild

Think buying a new electronic is better quality than repairing your current one? Think again.

Our company - CHANS Battery Rebuild- has been repairing batteries since 2004 using the highest quality materials. As such, your rebuilt battery will outperform and outlast newly replacement batteries. We replace every cell in the battery, so it is as though we a placing a brand new battery into your current electronic.

Do you know where your dead electronics go?

When a battery dies on a laptop or power tool, you might throw out the old battery and buy a new one. Sometimes, you will buy a new device all together. But, whether you throw away the battery or the whole device, you don't think that you are endangering our health and contaminating the Earth for centuries to come. You are!

Instead of having to buy a new electronic, let us repair the battery in your current one.
By doing this, YOU save the planet from the plastic waste and the harmful elements in it.

"U saved me $400 from buying new one. ! " - Dusty Collyer, Kelowna, BC
"The rebuilt adflo 3m battery works awesome! I was useing it in -40 and the battery held charge perfectly. U saved me $400 from buying new one. "

"It was an overwhelming pleasure to deal with Chans" - Dan Dowling, Senior Partner Rainbow's End Enterprises, Lindsay ON
" A tool set which had been purchased quite a few years ago had been put aside due to a battery problem. I found Chans Battery Rebuild Service on an internet search. As I had met with refusals and hesitations from others who were closer, I emailed Chans to find whether they would be able to assist. The owner, Ms Irina Chulkova, wrote back and quoted a price of HALF of what I had been quoted previously. Needless to say, the batteries were packed and shipped the next day. After a quick turn around and email contacts to arrange return, I was delighted to finally be able to put this set back into use. The honesty and integrity of Ms. Chulkova was incredible. "

"Better than new! " - Greg Collins, Geoscience Inc, Lakefield, ON
"Received my Asus Pro battery after rebuilding. It works great - better than new! Thanks for your service. "

"My ebike goes like a rocket ! " - Geoffrey Holdway, Ancaster ON
"I am so pleased! My ebike goes like a rocket. I can ride up and down the Hamilton mountain and have lots of reserve. It is better than I ever imagined. Thank you so much for a job well done. I have recommended you to other people! "